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Orange County Parks - Laguna Hills, California Parks

Costeau Park
25000 Costeau St
Laguna Hills

Residential park located on Costeau Street off of Alicia Parkway with a history - the monument reads as follows: 'This prehistoric giant ground sloth represents the Ice Age animals that flourished here 40,000 years ago. In 1965, sloth bones and teeth were recovered from this site with the fossils of bison, horses, camels, mammoths, dire wolves and saber-tooth cats. These animals lived by a perennial stream, now Alicia Parkway, in grasslands similar to African savannas. Costeau Park was established to preserve the thousands of fossils that remain buried beneath the surface. Historical Monument, Dedicated July 3, 1999.
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Fossil Reef Park
Located on Via Lomas
(between Moulton Parkway and Alicia Parkway)

Discovered in the early 1970s and dedicated in 1982 by the Orange County Historical Commission, Fossil Reef Park is a large limestone formation containing shells that shed light on a darkened ocean floor as it may have existed millions of years ago. Most fossils are of large scallops, clams, and snails - reminiscent of a tropical environment.
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