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Beat the Heat!
Written by Julie M. Armenta M.A., Education & Family Specialist & Founder of
Armenta Learning Academy

It’s Summer and that means it’s time to be cool in school!

Ways to stay cool and have fun with the family:

Spray bottle – This month it’s a good idea to have a clean spray bottle, filled with water. When you are overcome by the heat simply spray your legs, arms, neck & face. It’s amazing how quickly you will cool off.

Lemonade – Have an old-fashioned lemonade filled with ice cubes, or make lots of it and set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood.

Ice-pops – Create your own ice-pops by (with parent supervision) pouring your favorite juice into Dixie cups, putting a Popsicle stick in each cup and putting the cups in the freezer. Wait a few hours and you’ll nice, healthy, cold treats!

Sprinklers – Don’t laugh. You are never too old to run through the sprinklers. This is a great way to incorporate water fun with conservation during this time of extreme drought.

Beach Party – Huntington Beach and Doheney Beach have great areas for swimming and fire pits. Go for a dip, or sit your beach chair in the water to cool off during the day and keep an eye on the kids. After dark it is always a fun family (and neighbor) time to cook hotdogs over the fire pit, along with S’mores. After the snacks, you can play Red Rover. If you don’t know how… just ask Miss Armenta. Be sure to bring along old blankets and towels so you don’t get cold wet sand all over the car. Hot chocolate tastes really good when you are cold at the beach, at night.

Air Conditioning – Think about it… It’s a hot day, you’re lying on the couch trying to stay out of the sun and you’re bored to tears. Why not go see a movie in a nice cool air-conditioned theatre? Or spend the day at the mall? Just think of all the fun or interesting places you could go and keep cool at and make it happen

Vacation fun – Riding in the car for hours, or on a lane, etc. can be really boring, especially if it is hot and long. Here are a couple of games you can play with your family, or whoever is along: look for objects that begin with the letters of the alphabet. i.e. “I see an avocado tree.” “I see a barn.” “I see a cow.” You can alternate until it is your turn. Whatever letter is next is your task to find. All objects must be outside the car. Obviously, Q, X and Z may be omitted. Another COOL game to play is another alphabet game, but this is different. You choose a place you will go. i.e. “I’m going to MARS (or Seattle, or Hawaii) and I’m going to take a (this object must start with an A). The next person will say, “I’m going to MARS (or wherever) and I’m going to take an (whatever the first person said that began with A) AND a (B word). The next person will continue with going to… and going to take an A, a B and a C object. So on, and so on. As the alphabet gets longer, people tend to remember by associating with the person who said the letter and it gets tougher and tougher. This game is great for memory and concentration. A lot of laughs.

Swimming/Hiking – One of Mrs. Armenta’s favorite things to do is take a dip in her pool to cool off. There are also the very fun alternatives of going to the beach or Wild Rivers too. Mrs. Armenta takes her nephew to Wild Rivers every summer. Swimming and hiking in and around our natural resources such as lakes, oceans and rivers is one of the great benefits of our areas to enjoy.

Windows – Another favorite thing of Mrs. Armenta’s is taking a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down. This gives everyone a chance to enjoy the cool ocean breeze and the beautiful Southern California sites.

Bucket Races – Play relay games with ocean water! Mrs. Armenta recommends trying relay races with a bucket full of ocean water, which will conserve our purified water supply. The team with the most water in their bucket at the end of the relay race wins. This is another great way to beat the heat, have a blast, and get soaked.

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Article written by
Julie M. Armenta, MA Founder & Education & Family Specialist
Armenta Learning Academy

28062 Forbes Road. #B
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
949-367-WISE (9473) or 949-433-0898

Mrs. Armenta and her staff look forward to working with your child on their academic journey, and having a successful summer. Armenta Learning Academy has an exciting summer program planned in which to fully take advantage of all the programs ALA has to offer this summer. We also offer accelerated studies, classes for credit, and remedial support. We provide Academic & Enrichment Programs for the summer and year-round, all learning needs including Special Needs and Gifted programs, Pre-K thru Adult, Onsite/Offsite, 7 days a week, part-time or full-time with flexible scheduling. Call for support in all subjects in your home or at the academy. We guarantee success!




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