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The Gifts That Keep On Giving This Holiday Season

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The Gifts That Keep On Giving This Holiday Season
Written by Julie M. Armenta M.A., Education & Family Specialist & Founder of
Armenta Learning Academy

Toys can be fun, engaging, and rewarding for your children, but there comes a time to get things besides toys for certain situations and children. As your children get older, toys may not be as useful. Here are some other gift ideas that I have done with my children and students that I have found truly beneficial and effective.

• One of my favorite gift ideas that teaches giving and charity is the gift of giving. Have your child get enrolled and interested in a charitable cause, such as a dog rescue, less fortunate children, etc. It teaches your child compassion, and they can learn at a young age how to see the true gift of giving and how they can help others and make a difference.

• I started doing a piggy bank at a young age for my nephew and he loved it. It taught him to save his money, as well as it gave him excitement as he watched it grow. Even if it is only 10¢ a week, little by little their saving will add up. I would put in ten dollar bills as a reward or recognition of his good savings and his eyes would light up every time. This perfect gift builds a foundation for financial and future thinking, while remaining exciting and fun. Reward their saving at the end by allowing them to choose what they wish to spend their money on. This independent choice will create self-satisfaction and teach financial responsibility as they will be more aware of the value of their money.

• A family day to Disneyland, the Zoo, or a museum are great gift ideas. Not only do you get family time, but educational time as well. Truly not much could be better than making memories with your children and allowing their independence to grow through new and exciting experiences. Hands on experiences at the petting zoo are also and amazing opportunity to allow your children to connect to the animals and have fun feeding or petting them. This experience will give them independence and their own choice of which animals they are interested in.

• Sessions are a fabulous gift that can both engage and stimulate your children. Swim lessons, guitar lessons, and art lessons are just a few ideas that could allow your child to explore a passion that they have. This creative outlet not only keeps children’s bodies and minds active, but also serves as an activity to look forward to. Overall, learning or mastering a skill is an amazing gift for children.

• A college fund is a great way to implement future money for your children. This gift is not only for you as a parent, as it can unite the family members to contribute. A great method to use is to promise to double the amount that your child places into their college fund. This tactic will engage your child’s desire to save up and place money into his future education. A college fund is an amazing gift as it will teach your child how to plan for the future and will create excitement for future learning.

• Gift cards are a great gift for all ages. It will give your child a sense of freedom and opportunity to fuel responsible purchases. They must decide what they truly want and learn how to budget within their means. This positive money experience will reinforce awareness of practical and fun spending.

• Subscriptions to books and magazines, such as National Geographic, Nature books, or any other subject your child is passionate about are great gift ideas for your children. Not only is it fun for your child to receive a part of the gift each month in the mail, a book or magazine subscription also excites learning. Each month they will further their education and become more interested in the topic of the subscription.

• Monthly subscriptions to activities such as arts and crafts also serve as a great gift for children. Each month your child will receive a package that will contain a new activity that can challenge, engage, and excite your child. Encouraging a creative outlet has extremely positive results.

• A small pet is a great gift to teach your child responsibility as well as get them engaged and excited to watch and learn how they grow and live. A small fish tank, for example, will create daily habits of responsibility as your child would feed them daily. In addition they would create a love for the animal as they could name it, watch it grow, and take pride in taking care of it.

• Involving your child in nature is an amazing gift. With gifts such as bird feeders, microscopes, or a butterfly garden, your child can grow interest in nature without responsibilities of a pet. Pursuing their interest in this subject will further their education as they spend time outside.

• Toys that inspire your child to be active and exercise are great gifts. Sport gear such as a volleyball, soccer ball, or football will encourage your child to stay active. Fun beach activities include Frisbees, botchy ball, and boogie boarding. In addition, you can open these activities up to classmates and family friends to continue to engage your child and allow them to further friendships while staying active.

• Board games are a great gift that have the ability to keep your child engaged with learning and having fun. There are many educational or thinking games such as Scrabble, Spot It, and Clue that will challenge your children to compete and win. In addition, this is a great gift to bring the family together as you can implement a family game night once a week after or before dinner. This will give your child the opportunity to choose a game they desire and share it with everyone in the family.

• Fun activities for the kitchen can allow your child to grow interest in cooking and baking. A exciting gift such as an ice cream maker or fun cupcake toppings can create a passion for being in the kitchen that can create life habits. This gift will give your child creative free will to choose fun recipes and design their food as they please, as well as responsibility as they must read over the steps and ingredients and clean up after using the kitchen.

These are some great gift ideas for the holiday season to enhance, engage and empower your children in a fun and creative way! Finding everlasting and enjoyable gifs can create a loving and fun environment and experience while we're giving gifts throughout the holiday season. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Article written by
Julie M. Armenta, MA Founder & Education & Family Specialist
Armenta Learning Academy

28062 Forbes Road, Suite B
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
949-367-WISE (9473) or 949-433-0898

Mrs. Armenta looks forward to working with your child on their academic journey, and having a successful school year. We offer accelerated studies, classes for credit, and remedial support. We provide Academic & Enrichment Programs year-round for all learning needs including Special Needs and Gifted programs, Pre-K thru Adult, Onsite/Offsite, 7 days a week, part-time or full-time with flexible scheduling. Call for support in all subjects in your home or at the academy. We guarantee success!



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