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Autism Spectrum Disorder and How to Support Your Child

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and How to Support Your Child
Suggestions & Recommendations by Julie M. Armenta, M.A. Education & Family Specialist
Armenta Learning Academy

In the United States today, 1 out of 68 children have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). That is roughly 30% of American children. While the rates are alarmingly high, there are many tools to help ASD students both in the classroom and in everyday life.

What We Can Do to Give Support to ASD Learners

Each child with ASD is unique. In each autism intervention, these unique characteristics should be first identified and a program tailored to the individual needs of the child should be created. Many children with ASD have some medical issues and conditions that can affect their learning, such as gastrointestinal distress, seizures, and lack of sleep and disturbance. Different interventions, support systems, and plans must go into effect to assist each child with their learning, social, and behavioral needs. Determining early intervention and implementing an intensive program that improves learning, communication, and social skills is the best way to support ASD learners.

Areas of Focus for ASD Learners:

1. Transitional Planning: The student should receive instruction and therapeutic activities for a minimum of 25 hours a week.

2. Personal Planning: Highly trained teachers and therapists should assist with this intervention to be successful.

3. Interpersonal Relationships: The learning plan and therapy is guided by specific and well-defined learning objectives and the student's progress in meeting these objectives is regularly evaluated and recorded.

4. Conflict Resolution: The learning plan and intervention plan should focus on the core areas for ASD such as social skills, language, communication, daily living and motor skills at a very early age and stage in their lives.

5. Living Skills: The student should be in a program that provides opportunities to interact with typically developing peers daily and in a nurturing and supportive environment.

6. Personal Safety: The program should actively engage parents and intervention plan both in the decision-making and the delivery of treatment to the student.

7. Food and Nutrition: Often times, students experience food intolerances and other gastrointestinal issues associated with diet. Balanced nutrition is at the core of regulating a student’s daily schedule.

8. Personal Health: The program will be most effective for the student if it covers all aspects of daily life. Individualized health and hygiene goals will keep the student in the best shape possible.

We believe in a classroom-based teaching philosophy for self-development and growth we can work on. This combined with focusing on these areas will help your ASD student achieve their goals and live happier, productive lives.

Article prepared by
Julie M. Armenta, MA Founder & Education & Family Specialist
Armenta Learning Academy

28062 Forbes Road, Suite B
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
949-367-WISE (9473) or 949-433-0898

Mrs. Armenta and her staff are experts at developing well-rounded and impactful programs for ASD students. We make clear goals and objectives for your child to reach their unique needs, strengths, weaknesses, and talents. ALA actively engages parents in the intervention process for their children, both with the decision-making and delivery of treatment for them. We are available for one on one or small group sessions and through counseling, coaching and group classes. At ALA, we can assess your children for learning and behavior disorders and create individualized and personalized programs that will most greatly benefit their progress. We offer school, home school and tutoring options available for all learning needs, including Special Needs and Gifted students. We are available 7 days a week, ages Pre-K through adult, 8am to 8pm, onsite or offsite! Your child finally gets the attention and expertise they need and deserve to be successful in school and in life. Call for support in all subjects in your home or at the Academy. We guarantee success!




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