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Culver House, first Bed & Breakfast in the City of Orange

Orange's origins are rich with legends. One of the most popular tales asserts that the city was named during a poker game.

When the city was established in 1871, founder Alfred B. Chapman and Andrew Glassell named it Richland. But since there was another Richland in California, post office officials told them to find a different name.

As legend has it, Chapman and Glassell discussed the matter with two other civic leaders, but they couldn't agree on a name. One wanted Orange, one Lemon, one Almond and the other Olive. So they had it out in a poker game, and Orange won.

The people of Orange love to tell this story, but there's no evidence it ever occurred this way. Regardless of what really happened, the city was officially dubbed Orange and incorporated over a century ago on April 6, 1888.

Over the past 100 years, Orange grew from a thriving agricultural center into a quaint but lively city. In 1890, two years after incorporation, Orange had just 866 residents. City planning estimates now put Orange's population at over 132,000.

Victorian home in the City of Orange

Today, Orange has been expanding its population and its boundaries. Bordered by unincorporated land to the east, the city has been growing by bits and pieces every year.

Historical Sites:

OLD SANTA ANA - Location: NW corner of Lincoln Ave and Orange Olive Rd, Orange
Portolá camped on the bank of Santa Ana River in 1769, and José Antonio Yorba, a member of the expedition, later returned to Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana. El Camino Real crossed the river in this vicinity. The place was designated Santa Ana by travelers and known by that name until the present town of Santa Ana was founded.

Site of Orange's first building - Southwest corner of Orange Plaza
The site originally was the home and tract office of Andrew Glassell, who planted orange trees in front to entice people into buying farm lots he was selling. The building no longer exists.

Carpenter-Serrano Submerged Dam - Santiago Oaks Regional Park, 2145 N. Winds Drive, Orange
"Submerged" is an engineering term for this type of dam. The stone and cement structure was built in 1892 for irrigation purposes.




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