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How To Sing -The Real Story About Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaches

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How To Sing -The Real Story About Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaches

Many people today want to be the new singing sensation. Television shows like "American Idol", "X Factor" and "The Voice" have created a feeding frenzy at the doorstep of self-proclaimed vocal coach experts. In fact, I have many friends who have not only auditioned for these shows, but they have told me that they are willing to do pretty much anything to learn how to sing and make it in the entertainment world today.

Entertainment publications and the Internet abound with ads from vocal coaches who claim they can add an octave to your voice or make you the next Mariah Carey or Josh Groban. The funny thing is, I'm finding very little evidence that most of these vocal coaches can do what they claim. Oh, they talk a good talk, but when you try to find people that have actually benefited from their instruction, they are far and few between.

"I am astounded by how much people are willing to pay in the hopes of getting a better voice" says Ken Tamplin, " and how little investigation is done by them of the people who they are trusting their precious vocal instrument to. I have found that 30 minutes of simple investigation on the Internet and asking questions of prior and current students seems to be enough to find out the truth in most cases."

"What blows me away the most is that many of these self-proclaimed vocal coaches who teach singing lessons can't even sing themselves or demonstrate the techniques that they teach."

When I heard Ken say this, I remembered reading on certain websites and hearing on at least one video from one of these vocal coaches, that you don't have to be a singer yourself to know how to train someone else in the proper techniques. They used the example of a football coach who may never have played the game, but is able to take a team and bring them to the championship.

"I've heard that as well" Ken remarked, "but here's the simple common sense behind that. The players that the coach has under his guidance already know how to play the game. They already have their particular set of skills. The coach's job, in this case, is to merely steer them in a direction... not teach them how to play! How in the world can a vocal coach teach someone how to sing if they can't even demonstrate their own techniques? How can a self-proclaimed vocal coach know what works and what doesn't for the voice if they've never experienced it for themselves? Doesn't it just make good sense? That's why I've said for years and I will continue to say it, the PROOF is in the SINGING!"

So to all of you aspiring for a successful career in the music business as a singer, BE CAREFUL! Do your homework. Before you spend one dime of your money, investigate vocal coaches, online as well as with the Better Business Bureau and other resources. Make sure they have an exemplary track record. And finally, make sure that they are able to demonstrate THEMSELVES their own techniques, and if not, find another vocal coach who can.

It just makes good sense.

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Steve Amundson is national entertainment writer for several publications. He has written hundreds of articles over the last 20 years and this helped many people in the entertainment industry.

Ken Tamplin of the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has over 25 years of voice training experience from some of the best voice teachers around the world, and with over 30 albums to his credit, Ken Tamplin has been around the block several times and is not shy about sharing the truth with everyone.

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