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What is the City of San Juan Capistrano doing to help businesses?

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What is the City of San Juan Capistrano doing to help businesses?

Contributed by the City of San Juan Capistrano

  1. The City of SJC has an Economic Development Manager.

    Douglas Dumhart, the Economic Development Manager of San Juan Capistrano helps to coordinate activities that encourage a healthy and stable business environment by:

    Developing and organizing economic development marketing strategies including business, retention, expansion, and attraction.

    Developing, recommending, implementing and coordinating advertising and marketing programs.

    Developing business/industry recognition and assistance strategies and programs.

    Approaching targeted and/or potential businesses regarding City opportunities and making regular, direct contact with businesses regarding City programs and other available resources.

  2. The City of SJC encourages business expansion by providing a resource center.

    The City of SJC has invited SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) to provide free counseling to any and all businesses located within San Juan Capistrano.

    SCORE offers one on one counseling with a retired executive in your businesses' related field. The counselors provide business and budget plans tailored to you and your businesses specific needs.

    SCORE also offers monthly pre-business seminars as well as weekly workshops.

    SCORE's website

  3. The City of SJC has a Business Outreach Program.

    This program is intended to provide an ongoing relationship with individual businesses and the business community to identify, monitor, and respond to the needs and concerns appropriate to be addressed by the City.

    Introduction Letters:
    This is a letter the City provides to businesses informing the business community of the City's Economic Development Department and the City's goals and objectives. The City of SJC knows the businesses within the City exist, the City cares that they exist, and wants to keep them in the community, and invites feedback and suggestions from the business community.

    Business Visitation Program:
    This program allows the Economic Development Department coordinates contacts and meetings with a minimum of two individual businesses per month to promote communications between the City and the business community and obtain feedback from the view point of individual businesses on conditions, needs and expansion possibilities.

    Business Newcomer Package:
    It is distributed by the City to every new business in the City. It is a package of various business brochures, demographics, a business counseling application as well as other business programs available within the City. It allows making the transition of a new company to San Juan Capistrano a positive experience.

  4. The City of SJC also has a Redevelopment Agency.

    The City of SJC uses the Redevelopment Agency as a tool to assist businesses and property owners revitalize. The benefits to this program include; assisting in defining community identity, creating improved accessibility and safety, encouraging reinvestment, and building and supporting local economy.

    City's Redevelopment Agency website

  5. The City of SJC also assists businesses with fee deferral.

    The City has assisted businesses with fee deferral of some development fees from building permit issuance to Certificate of Occupancy issuance. This helps businesses use permanent financing versus construction financing to pay development fees.

  6. The City of SJC works closely with commercial real estate brokers.

    The City has developed a working relationship with commercial real estate brokers allowing the City to keep abreast of potential business locations and leads. The City works with brokers in an attempt to place businesses in the City, and keep them informed of incentives being offered by the City.

  7. The City of SJC maintains business resource information on its website.

    The City's business resource website provides useful information such as:

    Up to Date Demographic Information:

    1-3-5 Mile Radius Map or Target Area
    This link takes you to a map or graphic of the area that contains the demographics provided.

    Demographic Snap Shot for 2004

    This link provides a detailed breakdown for demographic information of household size, ethnicity, income, and other key information.

    Executive Summary of Demographics - 2004
    This link provides an overall executive summary of demographic information in a narrative text.

    Day Time Employment Facts
    This link provides information about the types of employment and number of employees that are active during the business day in San Juan Capistrano.

    Consumer Spending Patterns in SJC
    This link provides information to the spending patterns within San Juan Capistrano and the immediate target area.

    Listing of Commercial Properties:

    This is a listing of shopping centers and office-professional buildings. Complete with up to date contact information, map location, detailed description of the type of businesses located in the center, as well as zoning and square footage.

    The following is a link to one of the many commercial properties in San Juan:

    Capistrano Home Center:
    31896 Plaza Drive

    Available Lease Space Information:

    This is a listing of shopping centers, industrial parks, their available lease space, contact leasing agents and property managers.

    The following is a link to the Available Lease Space Brochure:

    Click Here to View Newly Updated Availability Information

Contributed by the City of San Juan Capistrano


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